Frequently Asked Questions

Omega Realty Group, LLC Frequently Asked Questions


Top Questions


What are your application qualifications?

To qualify for an application, one must have a 550 credit score with no open bankruptcies, no foreclosures or evictions within that last 5 years, no convicted felonies, and 3x the rent in gross income.

How do I tour a house?

To tour a house, you must follow the steps below:

  1. Visit our website
  2. Go to the For Rent section
  3. Find your desired home
  4. Click the option that says Tour
  5. The button will take you to Rently
  6. Create an account and schedule a tour for the home


How do I pay rent?

Paying rent can be done in several different ways. The options on how to pay rent are listed below:

-Pay online with card ($25 convenience fee)

-Pay online with your bank account/EFT ($1.95 convenience fee)

-Pay in person at the office with check or money order

Other Questions


Do you require tenants to have Renters Insurance?

Tenants are required to have Renters Insurance with Omega Realty Group or a third party.

What does Omega Realty Group’s insurance include? How much does it cost?

Our policy includes the required $100,000 liability and $10,000 in personal protection. The tenant would have to pay $10 per month.